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Listen Now! Find all of our past radio shows HERE, covering relevant topics like Health, Finances, Family and Work. Information filled with expertise, experience and wisdom from a Biblical background and perspective.

Second Half Now partners are members of the Christian Chamber Of Commerce of the Northwest

The Christian Chamber Northwest places a high emphasis on integrity, professional conduct and excellence to ensure a high level of trust in our relationships and business practices. Members sign and abide by this Code of Ethics and agree to operate their organization according to the following Biblical principles.

    • I will seek in all ways to be Christ like in my attitude and conduct.
    • I will seek mutual accountability and spiritual friendships.
    • I will be a brother in Christ to my fellow chamber members.
    • I will never violate a confidence given to me.
    • I will provide a fair price.
    • I will provide punctual, high quality services and products.
    • I shall not speak uncharitably of anyone.
    • I will consider my business a ministry to introduce people to Christ.
    • I will devote time to seeking the will of God through diligent study of the scriptures and through prayer.
    • I shall conduct business with integrity, in a manner consistent with Biblical Principles.
    • I shall train my staff to represent Biblical values and standards.
    • I will seek to resolve conflicts through a Biblically-based conciliation approach.

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We offer 4 Sponsorship Levels. Each includes one or more of these On-Air benefits:

  • Organization name read on every show
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  • Host endorsement during every show
  • Open Announcement “Brought to you by ______”
  • Podcasts of each show available for download and marketing
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  • All podcast and video content produced available via our website

For more information and full details on how to become our featured radio guest and sponsor, send an email to: dan@secondhalfnow.com

Business Development & Community Marketing

Check out our variety of benefits and opportunities for businesses, organizations and communities to collaborate in helping to improve quality of life and business; specifically during the second half of life. Benefits include:

  • Resources, information and inspiration on engaging topics and practical advice for today’s living, via radio/web & events
  • Advertising/logo featured on our website with hyperlinks back to your site
  • Logo included in our monthly advertisement in the Christian News Northwest newspaper
  • General public seminars (at local college, church or hotel) exhibiting your products/services, plus sharing a 30 minute presentation
  • Monthly strategic training and networking events (at Warner Pacific College) to collaborate with other sponsors, businesses and special guest speakers
  • Featured in our monthly email blast to 5,000+ marketplace & community leaders
  • Membership (various levels) in the Christian Chamber NW

For more information or to join this community CLICK HERE

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