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Five Core Priorities

Second Half Now is committed to the health and happiness of America’s Baby Boomers.
There are seventy six million of us, and we want to have a measure of purpose and meaning in our lives.
There is a deep need inside each of us to make a difference in some way, and to live out our potential.
These are the areas where we want Boomers to be healthy and happy:

Home & Family

Our relationships are critical to our sense of wholeness and belonging. Our residence is our refuge, our primary place of love and memories.

Health & Wellness

How we feel and function will determine how we can engage in purposeful activities. Our physical condition can be a platform or a prison.

Budget & Finances

Our financial situation can be a source of security or stress. Short and long range planning and action are essential.

Heart & Soul

This is our faith life. It is connecting to God, finding and following His purpose for our life. This adds the deepest dimension to our existence.

Work & Purpose

Our occupation can be an expression of who we are, and it can give us opportunity to use our talents and strengths to bless others.

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