God’s gift of Moms

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Second Half Now
God’s gift of Moms

Part 1: Valerie Elliot Shepard
Valerie is the daughter of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, who’s efforts to reach the Auca Indian tribe in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador, is one of the best known missionary stories of our time. After Jim was martyred, Elisabeth gained acceptance into the otherwise hostile tribe, and lived among them with her daughter Valerie for several years. After all these years, what does Valerie say about her mom’s life and faith, in the jungle and beyond?

Part 2: Christiana Greene
Growing up as Valerie’s daughter and Elisabeth’s granddaughter, how did Christiana receive the heritage of faith, family, and Christian convictions from the women in her life? Hear the power of example, discipline, and joyful Christian living in this warm tribute to her mother and grandmother.