Who pays the price when you don’t prepare?

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Who pays the price when you don’t prepare?

Annie Duhrkoop is the wife and caregiver of Mark Duhrkoop, who suffered a life-changing stroke.  Annie continues to figure out how to make life work for the family, and is seeking to renew the services and activities of Return Ministries which they had both committed their lives to.  Dennis Catmull is Chairman of the Board of Return Ministries.

We’ve all had things barge into our lives that we weren’t prepared for.  We can’t be ready for everything that happens to us, but some of those things can leave damaging, even devastating results.  Hear the story of one family’s journey of faith and courage following such an event.  And hear the heartfelt appeal to you to prepare for some of life’s unknown possibilities.  Think it can’t happen to you?  Neither did they!