Meet Dr. Dan Critchett

I’ve had many opportunities to be involved in the lives of people in the second half of life. As a pastor, chaplain, teacher, counselor and friend, I’ve walked with people through all stages of life. And I know this: people want to live a life of purpose and meaning. It seems that my purpose in life is to help other people find their purpose. That’s what our radio show is all about. We strive to provide meaningful and motivational content so people can catch the vision of living a full and fulfilling life: a life that matters.
  • A full career of involvement with the life issues of concern to Baby Boomers
  • Has worked directly with hundreds of people of his generation, helping them deal with the changes and challenges of life
  • International teacher, trainer, and conference speaker
  • Multiple college and graduate degrees, including a Masters and a Doctorate
  • Adjunct faculty member at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon
  • Published author
  • Active ordained pastor for over 35 years in a major denomination
  • A member of the “50-plus Crowd” himself, dealing with all of these issues personally as well as professionally

“My purpose in life is to help others find theirs”.

My goal for Second Half Now is to provide multiple opportunities for “Second Halfers” to receive information and inspiration that touches their lives in meaningful and practical ways. Through radio shows, podcasts, blogs, events, networking, educational and motivational presentations, coaching, and multi-media platforms, my passion is to literally help today’s 50-plus American live a life that matters.