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Health & Wellness

Going the distance!

Bud Lindstrand

You can stay engaged and productive well into your later years. Hear how a former corporate executive does it in his 80’s. And learn some keys about how you can keep going long and strong also....

Home & Family

Overcoming Toxic Parenting

Rick Johnson

The subject is a tough one. It is filled with lots of damage and darkness, and has touched the lives of most Americans – in some way – directly or indirectly. We are going to shine a light on the...

Work & Purpose

Language: barrier or bridge?

Kristyn Kidney

We take our language for granted, and don’t really think much about it. But what about those around us who don’t speak English, or not very well? What issues and challenges do they face, and what...

Work & Purpose

Small projects with big payoffs

Jeff Edmondson

There’s always stuff to take care of around the home, right? Big things and little things. Some we hardly notice; some are staring us right in the face. What really should be done to keep things...

Health & Wellness

Helping People, Meeting Needs

Portland Adventist Community Services

Where do people go when they are having a tough time providing food, clothing, and medical care for themselves or their family? These are such basic human needs, and many people in our area are...

Budget & Finances

Major changes in the mortgage world

Dan the Mortgage Man, First Priority Financial

It’s been pretty tough in the housing market the past several years, affecting everything having to do with the real estate and mortgage industries.  But it’s a new day!  Many changes have taken...

Home & Family

God’s gift of Moms

Christiana Greene, Valerie Elliot Shepard

Part 1: Valerie Elliot Shepard Valerie is the daughter of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, who’s efforts to reach the Auca Indian tribe in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador, is one of the best known...

Heart & Soul

A chat with the chaplain

Al Egg, Andy Egg

For over 30 years Al Egg has been Chaplain for the NBA Portland Trailblazers. He leads a chapel service for the Blazers and the visiting team at every home game. His wife Andy leads a chapel...

Heart & Soul

What is true wealth, anyway?

Maggie Terrell

If true wealth was just about having lots of money, the richest people would be the happiest. We don’t have to look very far to see that that’s just not the case. OK, if there’s more to wealth...